Sunday, April 28, 2013


yup! thats the name of my baseball team.5 wins 0 loses.

Hasbrouck Heights 5k

5k today i handed out water it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy watching them run past but i only saw about 160 people .

Dog race

 My town just had a race so i put my two dogs to work and the youngest dog forest won (remember to kick the black dog)

Mets philles

Still 1-0 mets lead in the bottom of the third .

NHL Eastern playoffs

The Bruins ,Rangers, canadiens,penguins,islanders,capitals,maple leafs,and the senators are all in the playoffs.well it leaves a lot of teams out including my favorite team the DEVILS.(I put it in bold letters because im angry about it.)

Play offs

Play Offs start tuesday. The  Bruins and senators today to decide it all.

mets philles

So far so good Mets take the lead against the philles . David Wright hit a rbi  to take the lead.So far 1-0.AG